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What People Are Saying About Us!

I don’t think you and the board know how much  this means to not only the parents, but to the kids who have had nothing  to look forward to during this 6 month pandemic. This gives them something to look forward to, it’s done safely and has certainly sped up the summer as us parents were running out of ways to keep the kids interested and active. [Omitted] should be taking notes from you on how to do things, as they floundering and are afraid to make the tough decisions to move forward that you all had to make. Under these circumstances, you and the board couldn’t have done anything better. You continue to amaze me with the insight and decision making that so many other other factions just can’t do. I work in [omitted] and have to witness and deal with the decisions other leaders and corporations are making, and your team is getting it right. I have not heard one word of criticism.  Thank you again.
~Robert C. (2020)

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all of your efforts to make sure the kids had a baseball season this summer. When everything else feels so hard for these kids (and us parents), being able to have a few moments of feeling normal and cheering the kids on at their games feels like a precious gift.  To see their smiles and see them laugh with their friends....we needed this so much more than we realized and I am sure it was a lot of work and effort and stress to make it happen. Thank you.  So much.
~Mary G. (2020)

As a coach for PCLL, I continue to be impressed by this organization every day. The players, coaches, umps, parents, board members, etc. all have the heart and dedication to make this game fun, memorable, while building self-esteem and self-confidence for our players. Come join the PCLL family. It became my family last year and, boy, am I glad it did. Please reach out and ask me any questions I can help with.
~Sara Crooks, Parent and Coach

I am currently deployed outside the country but I was able to watch the video from this morning [Parent Meeting on Facebook Live].  Thank you for what you are doing.  My son will be playing T-Ball with you guys for the first time this year and while I am sad I will not be there to watch it, I am excited for him to play.  I wish I could coach this year as well, but obviously that is impossible.  However, if you guys need anything that can be done by computer, I am willing to help out if I can.   Next year, I plan on volunteering as to coach and helping out with the league.
~ Joshua M.

I love the commitment of the league to making baseball fun and family-oriented. The people who volunteer to run the league are hard-working and organized. There are several methods of communicating so everyone receives the information. I really do love this league. This is my son's second year playing and both years he has had phenomenal coaches who are patient and really care.
~ 2019 Machine Pitch Parent

The Lancasters would like to thank Plymouth Canton Little League for letting us be a part of the best baseball family around. Over the last nine years Jack has grown into a confident all-star with the help of fantastic coaches and amazing friends on and off the field. Baseball isn't just a game, it's family. Stay for the practices, watch every game, get involved, and watch your kids blossom. Just don't blink. I remember playing catch with Jack his first season. He missed a pop-up, got hit in the nose, and said, "I quit baseball, and I quit you!" I'm forever grateful he decided to give it another go.
~ Julie L.

Loved the league. Great communication, values are in line with our own.
~ Nicholle S.

It’s a positive environment in which the kids can learn and grow as players. This our first year and all aspects of the program are fair, helpful and fun.
~ Susan S.

This league treats all of it's players and parents as a family. The players get a quality baseball experience for very low cost.
~ Parent of 2019 Minors and Juniors players

Good communications regarding game schedules, great opportunity for kids to compete in tournaments without having to pay thousands of dollars! Affordable and conducive to learning the game.
~2019 Minors Division Parent

The ability to attract and retain kids is great. The umpires did a great job. The staff is very responsive. A great organization!
~ John C.

Everyone involved is so dedicated to the kids. Coaches are outstanding.
~ Wendy M.

It is a fun environment for the kids to play in, and I find it to be well organized.
~ Jason H.

Positive attitude and sportsmanship highly emphasized.
~ 2019 Minors Parent

I really love Plymouth Little League! We couldn’t do it without the league and your commitment!
~ Sarah N.

Coaching was outstanding! Umpires were fantastic. It was a great experience.
~ David J.

Provided great resources, training, and communication with the coaches, promoted an environment conducive to build self-esteem and confidence while encouraging all to have fun!
~ Sara C.

Communication and uniforms were great! A lot of our neighbors who play in other leagues couldn't believe how nice the uniforms are.
~ Shinske

I really love this league - it feels like a close-knit group. Great communication - every time I had an issue or question, someone responded very quickly. I also love the signs and merchandise!
~ Karen H.

My boys really enjoyed the winter clinic this evening, I was so impressed with the organization and teaching tips that the kids really benefited from already! Looking forward to next week.
~ Amy H.

You are running a great organization and our kids will certainly benefit from it. Thanks for your hard work.
~ Paul M.

I love the family focus of Little League and the positive attitude of everyone.
~ Debbie B.

Beautiful fields, great communication, fun (not overly competitive) environment.
~ Rachel B.

We had an amazing experience and are very appreciative of everyone involved. Thank you!
~ Jennifer F.

Kids had a blast and that is the bottom line!
~ James B.

Communication, people skills, organization and most importantly, putting the kids first!
~ William C.

We had a fun season and will be back next year. We were happy to have our rain out games rescheduled!
~ Ashley B.
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