When are practices/games?

PCLL does not have their own baseball fields.  We lease fields from the community and private owners to enable our teams to practice and play games.  Many of these field permits do not become available until mid-April.  Game/Practice schedules will not be available until then.

In the past, games have usually been on the weekends and practices during the week.  The older divisions have occasional weeknight games. 

How long is the season?

Our first game is typically played in mid-April. Games run until the end of June, weather permitting.  Some makeup games may be scheduled in the first few weeks of July.  There are no games over the Memorial Day or Fourth of July weekends. 

What type of equipment does my child need?

PCLL provides a full uniform (hat, jersey, pants, socks) and equipment (bats, helmets, catcher gear, etc).  Players are only required to bring a glove and appropriate footwear. Cleats are 

How are teams formed?

T-Ball teams are formed using coach requests, player requests and school information to make it easier on the younger players. Players are grouped by the school they attend to make it easier to practice together and for familiarity.

We are currently reviewing how the teams will be formed for ages 7 and 8. Stand by for more on this later in November! This information is expected to be available before online registration opens on 11/27.

From age 9, teams are formed by a player draft.  The importance of the draft is to create balanced teams incorporating players of all skill level.  This eliminates the house team versus travel team imbalance that is sometimes found in other programs.

How are players “Drafted”?

Each player ages 8+ will be evaluated on a set of basic baseball skills (throwing, hitting, running, catching).  They will be given a ranking that will be used during the draft process.  At the end of the process each player will be placed on a team.  The rankings will be used to ensure each team has a similar set of skills.

Are volunteers screened?

All PCLL volunteers who work with players are subject to a full background check thru Lexis Nexus.  PCLL typically operated with 125+ screened volunteers each season. 

What makes PCLL different?

Our commitment to player development and safety is key to our success.  PCLL is the first league in Michigan to win the ASAP Safety Award from Little League International.  Each year 5 leagues across the country are selected.  In 2012 PCLL was one of them.  We have committed to player development adding 3 player development and 3 player agent positions to our board this year.  Our winter clinics are just the start of the developmental opportunities we are planning for our players.  Through our draft process we are able to make the season a more enjoyable experience for all.  

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